Using Your HSA/FSA For Placenta Encapsulation Services

I am excited to announce that Northern Colorado Placenta Services can now accept Health Savings Account cards and Flex Spending Account cards for placenta encapsulation services! I hope this option will be a blessing to many families as a way to pay for placenta encapsulation. This service is so important to a lot of women in Northern Colorado and I hope this will allow more of them to utilize the option for their postpartum health. 

If you have an HSA or FSA and wish to use it to pay for your services, just fill out the form on the "Packages and Pricing" page of this website and contact me via phone or email to process the payment. You do not have to use the Paypal option on that form in order to submit it.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about placenta encapsulation and what it can do for you during the postpartum time, or any of your payment options to book with me.

Have a wonderful day!!