This after-birth experience was immensely different than that of my daughter 7 years ago. I can't say enough about the positive benefits I experienced, such as increased energy, decreased bleeding, hormone balance, elimination of insomnia, & more. I would recommend everyone do this with every child birth. It's worth at least double what we paid, especially since Caitlen treated us like friends instead of just customers.

Ruthanne E.

You can't really put a price on feeling good after such a major change in your life. I took the pills right away but then stopped after I got super engorged. I don't blame the pills but after I got my milk supply under control I started taking them again and noticed I wasn't as sad and weepy. Which was priceless for me because all a mother wants to do in this time is enjoy her new baby and not have to worry about bursting into tears at any given moment.




After having my first son I remember having some baby blues and it was easy to feel sad especially once my husband went back to work. I could feel a difference in my hormones after a few days then and I was looking forward to hopefully not feel sad like that this time.

Caitlen was wonderful she was actually referred to us. I was so impressed by Caitlen she was quick to come and get the placenta the next day after our sons birth and had it all ready for us the next afternoon.  I have felt really great and have been taking 2 everyday since that day. I have felt a difference in how I feel and the outlook I have on my life with 2 babies. It has amazed me the differences it has made.Thank you.
Shira M.




I am so glad to have chosen Caitlen for our placenta encapsulation! Three weeks into our postpartum journey and feeling amazing! Healing is going very well and my energy has been awesome! More even moods and good milk supply. Caitlen was super helpful and respectful of our family time. Would highly recommend all of her offered services!

Jessica C.



I am beyond glad I encapsulated my placenta with Caitlen! She is so professional, experienced and trustworthy! She helped guide me through the whole process and was supportive and respectful postpartum! I honestly had such a rough time after my first child was born and was hoping for some of the benefits of placenta encapsulation with my 2nd but was skeptical if placenta encapsulation would work. I am SO glad I did it though! I could truly see the changes of my moods, I was less weepy and never got the baby blues! I loved how it helped stabilize everything and my recovery was a breeze! It was incredible to see it working! Thank you!!

Miranda K.

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I highly recommend Caitlen and Northern Colorado Placenta Services! I was told I would need an emergency C-section a week early and I was able to contact her that day and she walked me through how it would work at the hospital and took care of everything even on short notice!

In the first few weeks when I was trying to find my way in new motherhood and my hormones were trying to balance, I noticed a huge difference. If I forgot to take them, I would be weepy and my husband would come home and instantly ask if I had taken them. I also healed really quickly from my c-section which I really valued because I needed to get back to my chiropractic practice asap!

Dr. Tiffany Wall

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Northern Colorado did an amazing job encapsulating my placenta! She picked it up at the hospital and delivered it to me a couple days later. I highly believe this was the easiest recovery time due mainly to ingesting my placenta. I had a hard time with my milk supply with my older two and colic. The nurse that came 7 days postpartum and weighted my baby after nursing was amazed at the ounce transfer and said not many women transfer that high amount this early after birth. I call placenta encapsulation from Northern Colorado Placenta Services a total WIN and highly recommend her for her services!

Jessie Mae

I was at high risk for developing postpartum depression because of a history of mental illness and someone suggested this to decrease my chances of developing depression. Well, I'm 6 weeks postpartum and have been taking the placenta pills all along and haven't developed any sort of depression. I haven't even had the normal postpartum mood swings that are so common after birth. I highly recommend looking into placenta encapsulation. It's worth every penny. 

Rebecca S.

I had NO hormonal swings after birth. I attribute it to the placenta capsules. I would 100% recommend this to everyone! Northern Colorado Placenta all the way. In fact, I was sad when I ran out of the capsules because I felt so great while taking them.

Rebecca F.

This is the best postpartum experience I've had. I didn't encapsulate my placenta with my other two. I feel great! And my milk supply is the best it's ever been so that is a huge bonus as I've never been a good producer. Highly recommend doing it.

Jessie J.

I had a stressful birth. Caitlen was wonderful, always checking up on us and working with our crazy schedule. My placenta encapsulation helped me increase my milk supply 10xs more than with my first child, that I was able to donate around 7 gallons of my breast milk to my sons ICU baby heart warrior neighbors and premies. It was amazing and on top the recovery was so much faster. Amazing.

Maria L.

I am beyond pleased with the amazing services, professionalism, and timeliness of NoCo Placenta Services. Caitlen was so thoughtful during the process and always asking if we needed anything else. It was a wonderful feeling to know that I would have my pills so soon after my baby was born to ensure an easier postpartum process for myself and baby. I would highly recommend this service to other women!

Stephanie L.


It helped level out my moods, gave me more energy and helped my milk supply.
Turn around was amazing. I walked in the door from the hospital and Caitlen was there to meet me! Delivery was huge with a newborn.

Alyia H

Caitlen’s services are absolutely wonderful. After my home birth, I had to deliver my placenta in the ER and they initially weren’t going to release it to anyone but me. My postpartum self didn't want to leave the house and she contacted the hospital and picked it up for me. Her turnaround was extremely fast and the quality is perfect. I recommend her to anyone looking to have their placenta encapsulated!

Dr Lara Osterhaus


"I felt amazing, maybe even more energetic and had a better mood than my baseline. Also my skin was clear and glowing!"


"I have had postpartum depression with every one of my other kids. But not this time and the ONLY thing I did differently was take my placenta pills! 1,000x worth it!

I was so sad when I ran out! I wish I could do this all over again! It was so special!!! Having a dried heart of his cord is magical!

You were recommended by many people in this area. Then I loved your prices and LOVED all of the extras you had to offer!!!"

“The amount of energy that I had made the cost well worth it. After just taking the placenta pills twice, I had so much energy that I was able to do laundry, clean the bathrooms, and vacuum the whole house over the course of an hour or so. My husband honestly asked if I was okay! I had a very exhausting pregnancy, so we were amazed to see the difference in my energy levels. I felt so good, and I enjoyed the natural energy boost. If you think about how much a house cleaner would cost, the placenta pills made up for that! Another benefit I experienced was that after taking iron supplements twice a day for half of my pregnancy, I have not taken iron supplements since. I would absolutely do it again. Comparing this postpartum experience with my first, I had more energy, less anxiety, and I healed more quickly!” -Windee F

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Jessie Howard Midnight Sun Birth Services

"This was my 2nd baby, and unlike the first time around, I was actually able to enjoy my early postpartum. My emotions felt level, and it was truly like a "babymoon" for those first 3 weeks postpartum. I felt like they kept me balanced and energized me, so that the minimal sleep I was getting was more than enough, and I was able to just enjoy my new daughter. It was perfect." - Jessie H