You deserve nothing less than the highest quality of care. 

Your safety is always my top priority!


I am fully trained and certified with the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts (APPA).

APPA education is the most comprehensive in the industry including the history of the placenta, placenta traditions, pregnancy/placenta hormones and how they work in the body, postpartum mood disorders, placenta anatomy & physiology, placenta processing, sanitation, and more. 

I have completed an APPA specific course for Blood Borne Pathogens, which meets and exceeds OSHA standards for safety and sanitation with BBPs for placenta preparation.

I have completed food handling safety certification for the state of Colorado.

I work in a dedicated placenta preparation work space in order to uphold the highest standard for safety and sanitation possible.

I have very specific and rigorous protocol for placenta transport, refrigeration, preparation, dehydration, and sanitation.

I only work on one placenta at a time in order to give full attention to detail and safety.

I have safely encapsulated over 250 placentas with positive results reported.

When it comes to your placenta, you only have one chance to get it right. 


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Placenta Encapsulation Methods