2015 Statistics - Placenta Encapsualtion

I thought it would be fun to share some statistics from my clients in 2015 and the benefits they experienced from my services and placenta encapsulation. 


I think it's worth mentioning Northern Colorado Placenta Services launched and started taking clients in July 2015 and I encapsulated 12 placentas between that time and the end of 2015.


These statistics are from my own clients this year, from those who chose to fill out the feedback form I send out a few weeks postpartum. I'm so grateful to all of you who took the time to give me feedback and share more about your experience with me!


This post might be a bit boring to some, but I love hearing about and sharing the positive effect my clients are recieving from placenta encapsulation during such an important and amazing part of their lives.


100% said my services met or exceeded their expectations.


100% said they are glad they chose to encapsulate their placenta.


100% said they would recommend placenta encapsulation to others.


100% said the investment of placenta encapsulation was worth the cost.



Benefits noticed from taking placenta capsules:


Increased Energy: 85.7%


Better Mood: 100%


Better Sleep: 28.6%


Quicker Healing: 71.4%


Increased Milk Supply: 42.9%


Decreased Bleeding: 57.1%


Feeling More Balanced: 71.4%


Less Times of Weepiness: 42.9%


Reduced anxiety: 42.9%


Decreased Insomnia: 28.6%


No Benefits Noticed: 0%


Negative Effects: 0%



A few testimonials...


"Caitlen is very warm and friendly, and answers any and all questions thoroughly, she did any amazing job on figuring out what would work best for me and my new baby!"

"Encapsulation helped with my moods and tiredness even more than I was expecting."

"Very fast turn around."

"I have increased energy and just overall love the way they make me feel. It's like my own happy pills made from me, for me! Love love love!"

"I have had a much quicker physical recovery than with my first and I'm sure the placenta pills are part of the reason!"

"I truly enjoyed my postpartum time!"